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Mystery - in your hands

I have never wished to be behind the magician's scenes. Enough that the illusion works.
Ray Bradbury

During the Exposition Universelle de l'Industrie (Paris, 1839) illusionist and watchmaker Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin presented the first “mysterious” table clock. The audience could only guess: How does the clock hand keep itself in the air but still accurately measure the time?! In fact, the hand was forced not by magic but by craftily designed movement hidden in the bronze pedestal.

The years rolled by, but people never stopped wondering and trying to unravel the mystery. In an effort to prove their ability to create a miracle many manufacturers offered their own versions of watch with transparent dial. In the 21st century, it’s Russian time to show off its skills. In 2008, at Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture (NIKA GROUP), the prototype of MYSTERY watch was created. It received an honorary award at the Baselworld (international Watch & Jewellery show).

In 2014, NIKA GROUP experts organized mass production of “mysterious” movement. Today MYSTERY is the first and only mass-producing watch in the world which has a movement like this. The secret of the autonomous hands rotation lies in the invisible part of case. One of the basic principles in magic is misdirection. Transparent window unveils the hands flying, but what makes them move? Invisible gears? Magnets system?.. The answer can be found in Technical Certificate which comes with watch.

Technical information:
MYSTERY watch has accurate hybrid movement N-003 (patent № 2446426). All watches are made of precious metals (14K gold and sterling silver). The spectacular case is protected by anti-scratching AR sapphire crystal. Shimmering satin strap with leather lining gives a special tenderness to this watch.